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Every Story Starts Somewhere…

About2 We  are Skinny Wrap NY, a team led by Mother/Daughter Double Diamonds Sue Root and Casey Michaels. Here’s our story:

Sue got started and was introduced to It Works Global in April 2012, by a friend in Texas that posted about the Ultimate Body Applicator (skinny wrap) on Facebook. She was intrigued by the product, and as a seasoned network marketer, knew there was money to be made if this product worked! (and it DID!) She decided to join as a distributor and make money WHILE using the products. What she didn’t know, was just how different It Works is from all of the other companies out there! This was the company she had been searching for the last 20 years!

Two weeks later, she went to Rochester, NY (from Syracuse) to babysit her almost one year old and almost 3 year old grand-daughters. She stayed with Casey & the girls for 5 days and just happened to bring her starter kit with her. For 5 days, she asked Casey if she could wrap her.
“No thank you. I am not AT ALL interested in a “skinny wrap”. I am not skinny. And I am never going to be seen in a bikini”, was Casey’s reply.

About1HOWEVER, Casey was in a position, after just getting off of a 7 year worker’s compensation case and losing $1,000 a month in income, that she needed to make some extra money!! She was running an in home daycare, which helped, but not enough. It also took way more time and attention away from her own small children than she had ever imagined it would. Her heart shattered as she faced the fact that she would need to put her kids in daycare and re-enter the 9-5 world. There just wasn’t any other way to pay the bills!! At least none that she had found.

At one point during that 5 days, her mom looked up from a magazine that came in her distributor kit and said “Casey, this girl in Texas is making $30,000 a month selling these wraps!!” In that moment, her life was forever changed!! She did not need $30,000 a month, but she did need $1,000 a month! Was this real?? Was this person a real person?? Casey stalked her. She found her on you tube and Facebook and read the article in the magazine. She related to young mom who had two daughters just like her! She was real. She was making 5 figures a month!! If she could do this, why the heck couldn’t Casey??? She thought, “WHAT IF I COULD?!?!?!”

About3So, that last morning her mom was at her house, she said to her “go ahead and put a wrap on me! If this thing does what you say it will do, I’ll sign up as a distributor.”

Well, long story short, IT WORKED!!!! On May 8th, 2012, Casey joined her mom & became an Independent Distributor for It Works Global.

Eleven months later, BOTH Sue & Casey reached the rank of Double Diamond and each earned a $10,000 GOOD (Get Out Of Debt) bonus! Sue was working on her retirement fund and fun money, and Casey was able to retire her husband from his full time job and become a full time, work from anywhere, It Works family!

They continue building a team of incredible people that are now considered family. They have been so fortunate to be able to watch countless lives change all over the world as the Skinny Wrap NY team is growing & expanding, thanks to the incredible opportunity of THAT CRAZY WRAP THING!!

One opportunity changed their life….What if it will change YOURS?!!

The earnings and  lifestyle of any It Works Independent Distributor discussed above, is not necessarily representative of the income, if any, or lifestyle that an It Works Independent Distributor can or will earn through participation in the It Works compensation plan. All references to income, implied or stated, through the It Works! Compensation Plan are for demonstration purposes only. It Works! does NOT guarantee any level of income or earnings to any Distributor. Earnings from this Compensation Plan depend solely on sales and each Distributor’s skill, ability, and personal application.

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