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The WRAP APP is THE guide to everything you need to experience “wraptastic” results in as little as 45 minutes to progressive results over 72 hours!

With the WRAP APP, you can:

  • Know how long to wrap with 45 minute and 72 hour timers
  • Take your Before & After pictures to see visible results
  • Easily share results across social media, email, and text
  • Get reminders and fun tips for experiencing the best Wrap results
  • Watch videos and get product tips

The It Works! WRAP APP is free to download.

The It Works! WRAP APP is available for Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 or newer, and Apple smartphones and tablets running Apple iOS 8.1 or newer.

You can download the It Works! WRAP APP at, or through the app store on your smartphone or tablet.  Search for the It Works! Wrap App using any of the following search phrases in the Apple App Store or Android Market on Google Play: “My It Works!” or “WRAP APP”.

After downloading, please complete the form below to get the unlock Wrap App Code sent to you!


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