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Have You Tried That Crazy Wrap Thing?

An exclusive, botanically-based body contouring treatment that tightens, tones & firms where applied to the skin!

There Is Nothing Out There Like This Wrap!! Nothing!!

What if there is a product that can tighten and tone your skin and lessen the appearance of cellulite in less than an hour?  What if that product provided immediate and progressive results over the next 72 hours? What if it was affordable and available to try in the privacy of your home?

The answers to these questions have completely transformed the lives of mother & daughter, Sue Root & Casey Michaels; improved their health, their financial well-being and shaped their future!

Sue (mom) was intrigued when her friend posted a before/after picture on Facebook, of a lady that had tightened her neck using this crazy wrap from It Works! Global.

“I had to try it & I knew that if that little cloth could do that for me, I found the opportunity of a lifetime!!  I ordered the starter kit that came with a box of four wraps & by golly…It Worked!!  That was the best $99 I had ever spent!”

Casey is now a work from home mom of two beautiful little girls and has been able to retire her husband from the full time job he hated.

“ I didn’t really have $99. to invest and I was pretty skeptical.  But when I saw that the wrap actually worked and when I read the success stories of other young moms, I thought this just might be an opportunity for me to take control of my life.  I’m now able to home-school my girls, build my business from my living room on my cell phone and grow an International Team of Wrapreneurs! This business is about Fun, Friendships and Freedom!  Mom and I have reached goals with this company that most people just dream about.  I’m so glad I found that $99.”

You’re invited on our crazy adventure!! Check out the more than 30 health & wellness products and our cost saving Loyal Customer program. And if you are praying for an opportunity that can change your financial well-being…come join our Skinny Wrap NY family and start YOUR adventure today!

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It Works! Global Has Your Back

It Works! Global offers an unparalleled business opportunity where anyone can succeed, even in today’s tough economy. Mark & Cindy Pentecost, Pam Sowder & Mike Potillo head a solid corporate-management team with experience and a successful track record, focused on helping entrepreneurs live a debt free life and achieve their wildest dreams. Combining unique and sharable products with a generous compensation plan for its distributors has propelled the company to surpass the $700 million mark in 2015.

It Works! Corporate takes over all the headaches of establishing and growing a retail business and lets you concentrate on sharing the products & building your team.

Corporate support means no employees, no stocking of inventory, no shipping, no product research & development, no developing & printing of marketing materials and no building and maintaining of a state of the art online shopping store for your customers. It Works! has developed a company where distributors are more than business associates, they’re friends who feel more like family – It Works! Global is all about Friendships, Fun & Freedom!!

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